This course is designed to bring together health care leaders in a multidisciplinary effort to address critical issues and challenges facing health care. Students will explore how the economic, financial, and ethical issues cannot be treated separately in analyzing health care markets as the various sectors of the health care industry are interrelated. The course will develop a framework for understanding and evaluating the trade-offs that are inherent in the health care industry, and how these trade-offs affect strategic thinking. Topics will include health care financing, delivery, and strategy; current trends in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology; medical devices; health care technology; and issues in public health policy. Students will examine these topics from a global as well as a United States perspective. Successful entrepreneurs and seasoned executives will participate in the class sessions to share their experience, opportunities, and advice.


Academic course objectives:


·        Encourage open and enthusiastic collaboration among the business, medical, law, science, engineering, and policy communities at U.Va. to foster innovative and thoughtful strategies and solutions to health care issues

·        Provide a combination of scholarship and skills to allow students to focus on specific aspects of health care of interest to each individual student

·        Provide project opportunities for individual students to practice skills and apply knowledge gained in the course to benefit in their chosen career

·        Practice understanding and evaluating the trade-offs inherent in the health care sector and demonstrate how they affect strategic thinking

·        Identify and gain experience with important resources in the health care sector that will provide value throughout students’ careers


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution                     60%

Individual paper/project            30%

Group paper/project                 10%