This course is an opportunity for students to get real-time experience in a guided setting about the way they form work relationships, observe interactions, think through difficult situations, and learn from the choices made. In this full-semester course, students prepare for the challenges posed by the increased use of teams in the workplace while working directly with first-year learning teams as the teams evolve throughout the first semester. The relationship formed with a student’s first-year team and documented through weekly required observations becomes a live and continuing case throughout the term. The first part of the course focuses on the learning team’s evolution, supplemented by ongoing delivery of relevant group theory. The second part of the course broadens the focus to include the contemporary issues and challenges of workplace teams, such as leading your group at work, managing coordinating teams in strategic alliances, and teaching others to be better team members. The course is most successful when students commit the time and energy needed to maintain weekly contact with their team and remain open to learning about themselves and others in the process.


Academic course objectives:


·        Show precisely how teams form and develop in a high-pressured, fast-paced environment

·        Develop and refine skills in process observation

·        Develop the ability to diagnose and design useful interventions for issues that teams encounter

·        Gain practical, hands-on experience working with a team throughout its early development

·        Learn firsthand about styles of managing, leading, and facilitating


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution                     25%

Individual paper/project            25%

Written exercises                      50%