Spring 2013

Instructors: Liedtka, Sarasvathy, Venkatesan, OPS Faculty [TBD]


Course Description


This two-credit course will focus on the source, development (or refinement), and growth of new ideas in an organizationís ecosystem. In 15 classes, each two hours long, students will be exposed to the systems and processes that enable organizations to develop and sustain a culture of innovation. The course will discuss the origin of ideas (customers, employees, competition), the frameworks for assessing customerís unmet needs, the evaluation of the potential of a new idea, the capability to sense and source ideas with high potential, the entrepreneurial culture that encourages ownership and development of new ideas, the strategic importance of experimentation, and strategies for taking innovations from lab to market. Students will explore how ideas get transformed to enduring business models even with limited resources. They will develop a proactive, problem-solving approach that moves from simply reacting to customer requests to anticipating their needs. The steps from idea to understanding user needs, concept generation and selection, iterative design, and working prototype will be explored. There will be a combination of online distance and in-residence sessions.


Course Objectives


         Explore how global organizations produce and leverage innovative ideas in supposedly mature markets in order to substantially grow their revenues and profitability

         Understand how entrepreneurial managers achieve internally generated growth by seeing opportunities that their competitors do not

         Help students to think like an expert entrepreneur

         Enable students to overcome the reasons why people donít become entrepreneurs

         Provide the tools and frameworks for allocating resources among a portfolio of ideas in order to derive the highest long-term returns

         Extend studentsí understanding of key prototype development concepts and implementation challenges

         Teach practical steps for achieving internally generated growth, especially in established global organizations