This course shows first-year and second-year students how to develop career management skills that will help them become more effective leaders in their summer internship jobs or careers immediately after Darden. Visual media (full-length films, TV shows, and movie clips) will be used to raise issues and to provoke conversation that will be highly interactive, evolving, and focused on the individual students in the class. The course addresses critical phenomena about joining up such as letting go of the current engagement, establishing credibility, learning organizational language and norms, socialization, joining work groups and teams, adult learning theory, managing upward, dealing with difficult personalities, and learning from experience. The course is designed to ensure that students will fit in quickly, gain influence rapidly, learn consistently, and outperform their competition.


Academic course objectives:


·         Prepare first-year students for their first-year summer internships or second-year students for their first jobs after graduation

·         Teach students to establish their credibility quickly

·         Instruct students how to work with new teams, deal with difficult co-workers, and effectively manage their bosses

·         Help students turn learning from experience into actionable career strategies

·         Facilitate the transition from school to the world of work


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution       33⅓%

Written exercises         33⅓%

Final paper                  33⅓%