This course addresses topics and subjects typically experienced by MBA students seeking positions in firms with strong focus on effective operations analysis and implementation skills or internships in leadership and general management development programs. The topics covered in the elective are likely to be encountered by MBA students in their summer internships or by students during their first years of work after graduation. Topics will include but will not be limited to such areas as the process management perspective, analysis of operations improvements, Six Sigma project design and implementation, and Lean implementation principles and tools in services and manufacturing.


Academic course objectives:


The course will extend students’ understanding of key concepts, provide experience in anticipating implementation challenges, and broaden their analytical thinking skills in the following areas:


         Foundation of Lean practice and tools, including value stream mapping, process stability, 5S methods, waste elimination, standardized work, root-cause problem resolution, and A3 reports

         Lean implementation management, including operating systems design, implementation strategies and tactics, use of consulting firms, and managerial-operator roles

         Six Sigma process improvement methodology (DMAIC) and managing improvement projects

         Process analysis tools and design of experiments (DOE)

         Operating systems for managing innovation and continuous improvement in business processes


Elements of the course grade:


Group deliverables                              (40%)

Class contribution                               (30%)

Individual assignment                         (30%)



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