GBUS 8022 Transforming Societies


This course seeks to equip students with basic economic and development concepts in order to deepen their understanding of socioeconomic issues and how business, entrepreneurs, and markets can promote human development and transform societies across the world. We will tackle issues in emerging economies and advance economies.


Academic Course Objectives:

        Discuss how to apply business skills to the social sector.

        Deepen the understanding of poverty and inequality.

        Develop analytical and problem-solving skills for applications in unconventional contexts.

        Stir creativity and channel studentsí deepest values into actions and initiatives.

        Provide a platform for those who want to pursue innovative work in nontraditional or mission-driven vocations.

        Provide a foundation for social ventures and global courses. 


Elements of the Course Grade:

Class participation        (40%)

Reflection Essays           †(40%)

Final paper                    (20%)