GBUS 8023    China in the World Economy



To prepare business students for engagement with China, this course explores the fundamental forces that shape its business environments. We start with an analysis of China’s economic and political systems and then move to investigate the unique features of its labor, financial, and real estate markets. The course will also examine how foreign businesses succeed and fail in the world’s most dynamic economy by covering topics on outsourcing, foreign direct investment, business adaptation, and institutional risks and how China integrates into the world economy, including its interactions with the United States and in comparison with India. The course consists of case discussions, student-led presentations, a term project, and engagement with external speakers. For the term project, teams of several members will carry out joint research, present in class, and write-up their research findings.


Academic Course Objectives:


·         Understand the unique features of economic and political institutions in China.

·         Provide students with tools of economics to gain insights on the nature of economic reforms, market development, and policy distortions.

·         Analyze the success and failure of foreign businesses and explore opportunities and risks in key markets.

·         Acquire skills and expertise to engage in discussions and debates on the Chinese economy in the global context.


Elements of the Course Grade:


Class participation                                           (40%)

Series of short written assignments                (30%)

Presentation and write-up of term project      (30%)