The digital marketing course prepares students for the variety of ways interactive communication and positioning may be part of their future careers whether they are CMOs thinking strategically or CEOs asking the right questions of an ad agency. Interactive technology is driven by innovation, making it difficult to study one text or conclude that one static model works best. Instead, students will utilize news articles, case studies, and items that are topical today to draw conclusions about broader strategic marketing decisions. A specific technology may no longer be as prevalent today, but consumer behavior and the B2B relationships that made it happen most likely will be. Students will examine consumer-focused segments such as e-commerce and current trends in social media and move on to practical applications for managers and marketing executives such as digital design execution and media habits. With a better understanding of the tactical elements of Internet marketing, students will be ready to consider the myriad opportunities to leverage technology in communicating with their audiences. To apply this acquired interactive knowledge to the electronic marketplace, students will participate in a course-length project of their choice, either the Google Online Marketing Challenge at or an Online Marketing Strategy paper/consulting project of their choosing. Project meetings and instructor assistance will be built into the course and supplemented in an ad hoc basis. Students are responsible for identifying the company they will work with and building their own teams.


Academic course objectives:


·            Introduce students to Internet marketing, mobile application communications, digital media, and e-commerce marketing

·            Meet the needs of students requesting exposure to digital marketing with respect to their future earning potential and career success

·            Meet the recruiting needs of businesses with staff requirements to achieve e-business directives


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution                   50%


Project                                     50%