This course introduces students to analytical techniques and terminology specific to the real estate industry. The real estate industry includes a broad range of real estate products, and each market for these products is unique. Students will consider such topics as an historical overview of the industry, techniques of financial analysis and financing alternatives, commercial and residential development, current concepts of real estate development, cap rates, appraisal methods, commercial products such as office buildings and retail, residential products such as apartments and houses, leasing, and property management. The course should appeal to a broad array of students especially those considering careers in real estate or who expect to be involved in real estate transactions. For those students with no prior experience in real estate but who want to enter the field, the course, with its exposure to the industry nomenclature, will be of tremendous value in the job search. The principal modes of instruction include readings, cases, and speakers from the industry.


Academic course objectives:


·         Provide students with a historical overview of the real estate industry

·         Familiarize students with real estate terminology

·         Provide financial techniques to analyze real estate products

·         Introduce students to types of real estate products

·         Examine why markets are unique

·         Present current concepts and trends in real estate development


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution       50%

Final examination        50%