GBUS 8173 Global Capital Markets

New York is one of the premier global capital markets (along with London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai) which affords an array of learning opportunities, most importantly, as it relates to the US, and Latin American (LATAM) markets but also global markets in Asia and Europe are also closely followed in NY. New York (and nearby Connecticut) is the location of major hedge funds, asset managers, and insurance firms, and some of the largest US banks have their headquarters there (as well as the US operations of many foreign banks are based there). Major stock exchanges such as the NYSE and NASDAQ are located there and Wall Street has become synonymous with finance and capital markets.

Academic Course Objectives:

        Students will immerse themselves in global capital markets by listening to expert practitioner talks, participating in case discussions, visiting capital and/or other markets, and by spending time for own reflection. Students -working in teams- will also prepare and present an investment thesis.

        The course will explore several of these issues and markets in detail and students will be gaining insight on how global markets function, what kinds of factors impact them, who the key players are, and what their role is.

        The course will also seek to explore sector/industry specific learnings in areas such as, for example, real estate, hedge funds, private equity, fintech, and global banking. (The specific sector coverage will, of course, depend on the availability of the related sector expert practitioners for the week we are in New York.)


Elements of the Course Grade:


        Team Presentations

        Final Exam