This seminar on leadership and management examines the life work of Thomas Jefferson by studying the many roles he played in the founding of our country. The basic scheme of the seminar dictates that the students read a book a week, write a one-page paper each week summarizing their impressions from the readings, and then engage in a discussion about their thoughts on leadership and management as related to the readings. The seminar meets in the Colonnade Club Pavilion on the Lawn at the University of Virginia, a setting that contributes to a means for Darden students to obtain a greater understanding of the culture and traditions of Mr. Jefferson’s University. Reading selections are taken from the six-volume biography on Thomas Jefferson written by Dumas Malone, the book Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose, the book Founding Brothers by Joseph Ellis, the book John Adams by David McCullough, and the two prize-winning films on Jefferson by Ken Burns. The seminar participants include students and faculty from the Darden School along with interested University of Virginia alumni.


Academic course objectives:


·         To educate Darden students about the many facets of Jefferson as a human being and his numerous contributions to our country’s founding

·         To provide a balanced account of Jefferson’s strengths and weaknesses with the adage that “great people often have great faults”

·         To provide rich insight into the life and times of our country’s founders


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution                   33%

Final paper                              34%

Individual papers/project        33%