GBUS 8305 Strategic Thinking: Integrating East and West


This research seminar will help participants understand the strategic concepts and business models underlying Chinese business practices based on knowledge of cultural and institutional differences and comprehend the implications of these differences for enterprise management. Students will be asked to think broadly about global enterprise and enterprise development and develop an integrative perspective that will enable them to conduct business anywhere in the world. Then building on in-depth understanding of Eastern and Western business practices, students will explore a new global enterprise system. Drawing from the instructor’s work on this topic and from participant-led discussion, the course intends to bridge application and scholarship and maximize the students’ learning experience. This format has appealed to students committed to intellectual rigor and practical relevance.


Academic Course Objectives:


·         Challenge participants’ most basic assumptions and presuppositions about business by introducing business cultures and institutions that differ radically from those of the United States

·         Examine how cultural differences underlie important differences in enterprise strategy and competitive style

·         Stimulate global, integrative thinking to gain a new perspective in a rapidly changing and interconnected business world


Elements of the Course Grade:


Class contribution:                              20%

Group paper/project                            50%

Written exercises during course          30%