This is a course designed for those who intend to work in consumer marketing, advertising, consulting, or retailing. The course has three modules: Positioning and Copy Strategy, Media Strategy and Integrated Marketing, and Competition for Account. The latter is a comprehensive exercise in which teams develop and present broad-based marketing communications strategies. Instruction methods will include cases, readings, lectures, guest speakers, and simulation-based exercises. There is no final examination.


Academic course objectives:


·         Develop expertise in creating positioning and copy strategies that build brand equity

·         Explore media alternatives, terminology, and creation of a media strategy by the use of online media for building brands

·         Examine marketing budgeting including techniques used to set the overall marketing spending level

·         Explore the research techniques used in copy and media evaluation

·         Create and present advertising plans


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution       35%

Group project              35%

Exercises                     20%

Online exercises          10%


Web address for additional course information: