This course is designed for the Darden Student Association executive team and presidents of Darden student clubs, where such positions are considered a real leadership experience. Other students may be admitted with instructor permission. The course is designed to present relevant leadership theory, using the books Choice Theory by William Glasser and You Are What You Say by Matthew Budd and Larry Rothstein as well as numerous student experiences as practical background for discussion about club leadership. The course gives students a forum in which to discuss practical issues and exchange ideas and concerns regarding the dimensions of psychological leadership and examine their personal leadership style by providing a cognitive experience to complement existing leadership activities. Students will be asked to write a 10-page paper integrating theory and the insights gained from practice.


Academic course objectives:


               Prepare students to lead in a voluntary context

               Increase studentsí self-motivation to help them motivate others

               Broaden studentsí understanding of interpersonal dynamics

               Teach students to manage conflict


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution†††††††††††††††††† 50%

Individual paper††††††††††††††††††††† 50%