GBUS 8310 Competitive Dynamics 


Unlike the broader topics and frameworks covered in first-year Strategy, the Competitive Dynamics class focuses specifically on competition and cooperation between pairs of firms as a basis for analyzing any number of players within and beyond an industry. Students will continue developing their strategic toolkits by analyzing competition at the micro action-reaction level versus macro industry analysis as done in FY Strategy.  An understanding of micro-strategy is critical because it is at this level of one-on-one interfirm engagement where organizations enact their strategies, test opponents’ mettle and capabilities, and defend their markets and reputations.

Students will learn from two primary sources: focused academic research, and practical application of that research in real-world business scenarios.  The cadence of each week is that an academic paper on a specific topic will be introduced in the first class, then an industry speaker will join the second class to describe how the topic (and those discussed before) applies to his or her day-to-day business. Speakers’ discussions range from topics such as key technology trends (e.g., artificial intelligence) to hot-button issues in international business (e.g., the US-China trade war and high-tech rivalry)

Competitive Dynamics students can expect to engage in robust discussions both among themselves and with the industry speakers. The material and discussions that anchor this micro-strategy course are designed to benefit corporate strategists and consultants as well as general managers, product managers, and entrepreneurs.

Elements of the course grade:

Class contribution                  35%

Group paper and report          25%

Final Paper                              40%