Situations requiring action vary in complexity and scope. The decision settings include a rich variety of dilemmas general managers inevitably face. This course focuses on general managers and the requirement that they take action in situations, which vary in complexity and scope. General Managers are defined as those managers who possess profit and loss responsibility at any level of the organization from first-level product-line managers to chief executive officers. General Managers must also manage the interfaces of the functional departments: marketing, operations, finance, and engineering or R&D. The goal in each class is for students to develop a plan of action and to think through the detailed steps, which would be needed to implement their plans. Students should be prepared to use current management tools, tried and true management philosophies, and all of the multidisciplinary tools they have internalized in their MBA education when deciding how to take action. The course requires students to capitalize on their entire Darden experience and polish their enterprise perspective.


Academic course objectives:


·                     Help students determine effective action plans with the emphasis on the action to be taken rather than the means to determine the recommended course

·                     Test the ideas and action plans of students against the knowledge and experience of seasoned successful executives

·                     Enhance the tendency of students to take action rather than analyze and study


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution       50%

Final examination        50%