This course will help students prepare for the complexities of leadership and increase their general management skills during times of crisis. Students will analyze a variety of crises situations that affect businesses and other organizations and develop a set of crisis-leadership competencies. Both theoretical and applied/practical perspectives of crisis management will be addressed. Students will be exposed to multiple frameworks for managing crises and the tools and techniques for making sound leadership decisions before, during, and after crises hit. We will also examine crises as sources of organizational innovation and change. The course uses a variety of teaching methods, including case studies, current events, simulations, and guest speakers to illustrate key points and will draw on material from multiple functional areas including organizational behavior, strategy, marketing, and management communications. The course is particularly relevant to students preparing for the responsibilities of management and senior leadership.


Academic course objectives:


·         Challenge students to think critically about preventing, managing, and learning from crises

·         Strengthen students’ decision making skills for times of intense pressure and ambiguity

·         Prepare students for translating crises into personal and organizational opportunities

·         Help students develop overall crisis leadership competencies


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution       30%

Final examination        40%

Group paper/project    30%