This course is designed to assist students in their transition from the academic to the corporate environment. It will provide an opportunity for students to explore in more depth the strategies of communication framed in First Year Management Communication. It will offer students more practice in written and oral presentation work that will include frequent, individual meetings with the instructor for personal assessment and evaluation. The course will ask students to examine their personal communication styles including both their nonverbal behavior as well as how they express themselves in writing and in public presentations to both large and small groups. Areas examined in the course will be communication networks and organization channels, common barriers that lead to communication disruptions, the challenges of dealing with troubled and troubling constituencies, and specific communication frameworks that contribute to a vibrant corporate culture. More topics covered will be message structure strategies, the presentation development process, proposals, reports and business plans, customer and client meetings, communication audits and needs assessments, and communicating change and strategies for dealing with conflict and creating consensus.


Academic course objectives:


·         Enable students to clearly view their communication abilities, dilemmas, and challenges

·         Help students understand how their communication abilities, dilemmas, and challenges impact the way they manage people and decision making in organizations


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution                               40%

Portfolio of written communication   25%

Final project                                        35%