This course introduces students to the specific challenges of managing within the media, sports, and entertainment industries. The course also explores the management of businesses with a creative component, including topics such as how to deal effectively with advertising, public relations, or a talent agency, and better understanding those within an organization who create intellectual property (e.g., engineers designing cars and scientists researching breakthroughs in biotechnology). Students will discuss the challenges of communicating across boundaries to bridge the gap between the perceived “creative” and “business” functions. Cases studies will be utilized as well as projects designed either by the students themselves in a way that is helpful to their career or by guests involved in the course. The course will also stage creative encounters in which guests involved in media, entertainment, and sports engage students in the problems they face in their professional lives, encounters for which students will aim to find innovative solutions.


Academic course objectives:


·         Explore to what extent the perceived gap between creative and business sides inhibit the goals of an organization

·         Increase students’ understanding of the concerns of the creative functions in organizations involved in media, entertainment or sports and find ways for the creative side to learn more about business

·         Help students realize their own creative potential

·         Address the particular issues facing companies involved in media, entertainment, and sports.

·         Discuss the particular kinds of communication involved in these companies, across functional boundaries and externally, including the need to build strong competitive brands, deal with crises, and nurture talent

·         Examine the benefits of analyzing a particular industry as well as the connections between media, entertainment, and sports with corporations that use sponsorship and advertising to build brand and reputation

·         Improve students’ ability to communicate effectively with multiple audiences

·         Ask students how new media affects the contexts of managing many kinds of business


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution                               30%

Individual presentation                       30%

Group paper/project or CD                 30%

Individual written assignment                        10%