This course is intended for those planning careers in areas not requiring a sophisticated knowledge of finance but who wish further exposure to operating finance from the general managerís perspective. The course will therefore touch briefly on topics of importance to those planning to work in marketing, operations, general management, smaller enterprises, and new ventures. The purpose of the course is not to introduce new topics or conceptual frameworks, but it is not intended merely as an opportunity to use the mechanics introduced in First Year Finance on similar problems. The thrust of the numerical analysis in Financial Management will be to use whatever approach gets the relevant analysis completed efficiently given the information available. This requires effort from students to identify the nature of the problem before launching into the numbers but results in more efficient use of time.


Academic course objectives:


         Enhance studentsí financial analytical ability

         Enhance studentsí ability to prepare and interpret financial projections

         Enhance studentsí ability to manage corporate assets and liabilities

         Reinforce studentsí understanding of the effect of nonfinancial policies

         Increase studentsí knowledge of financial requirements and policies (and the reverse)


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution†††††† 50%

Final examination††††††† 50%