GBUS 8464 Hot Topics in Marketing



The course gives students the opportunity to hear marketing experts discuss the most current marketing issues facing companies today. Each class will feature a speaker who will either introduce a new issue to the class or bring a different perspective on an issue already introduced by a previous speaker. The content of the course will vary according to what topics are in the news as well as the availability of speakers. Students will be assigned readings in advance of class and/or a topic to research in order to prepare readings and/or online research. Each speaker will run the class according to their own style, but a significant amount of time will be devoted to interactive discussion with questions, answers, and debate. The course is offered in the second quarter, where it overlaps least with current marketing electives. Most speakers will be Darden alumni who will be identified with the joint efforts of the marketing faculty and the chair of the Engagement Committee of the Board of Trustees.


Potential course topics:


·               Advertising in the Age of New Media

·               Building a Domestic Brand into a Global Brand

·               Social Network Marketing

·               Challenges Facing the CEO of a Marketing-intensive Organization

·               Marketing Professional Athletics

·               Customer Relationship Management

·               New Methodologies in Segmentation

·               From Blue Sky Innovation to Marketable Products


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution                   50%

Exam                                       50%