This course is intended to provide students with an understanding of the design and use of planning and control systems to facilitate the implementation of an organizationís strategy. Many organizations have discovered that having a great strategy is not enough if the right structures and processes are not in place to implement that strategy. A major challenge facing most organizations is to design systems that allow them to drive growth and profitability without subjecting the organization to long-term risk. This course examines the design and use of planning and control systems for implementing organizational strategy and achieving growth and profit goals. The primary focus in the course is on accounting-based controls that involve the use of financial measures and tools for allocating resources, measuring performance, and regulating inter-unit activity.


Academic course objectives:


         Teach students how to organize a business to carry out business strategy

         Examine the role of information, particularly financial, in supporting business strategy

         Show students how to allocate internal resources so they are used in support of strategic activities

         Teach students how to motivate and reward managers so they act in the best interest of their organizations

         Show how performance measurement systems can drive functional and dysfunctional behavior in organizations


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution†††††† 50%

Final examination††††††† 50%