GBUS 8466 Emerging Topics in Technology & Operations Management



The course offers a means for students to gain direct exposure to the world of practical affairs by engaging Darden alumni with expertise in technology and operations management. It will expose students to a range of emerging issues and topics in technology management and operations management and will be organized around four topic areas to enable in-depth discussions over multiple class sessions: Innovation Management for Technology Businesses, Sustainability, Globalization and Operations, Technology-Enabled Business Models, and Operations and the Service Economy. Prior to each class session, students will be provided with required reading approved by the guest speaker and the faculty lead. Students will conduct independent research into the case company and/or the topic and submit an executive summary of the readings and questions for the speaker. Class sessions will generally be broken into three parts: a presentation by the guest, a question and answer period by the students, and discussion facilitated by the faculty leader to synthesize each session with other class topics. The course design will focus on offering and discussing leading-edge practice and ideas relevant for students pursuing careers in general management, operations, technology management, or consulting.


Academic Course Objectives:


·         To provide a general management perspective of and build critical thinking in the areas of technology and operations management

·         To offer students direct exposure to the world of practical affairs by engaging Darden alumni in the classroom setting


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution                                                                               40%

Group project                                                                                      35%

Executive summaries and advance questions for the speakers           25%