GBUS 8469 Entrepreneurs Taking Action



This course focuses on the challenges entrepreneurs face in building ventures. Its purpose is to present students with a series of diverse management situations faced by entrepreneurs with companies at different stages of development. In each class, students will hear from and interact with experienced entrepreneurs and learn both from their successes and their failures. Emphasis will be on the complexity and scope of the challenges that entrepreneurs face, the critical decisions they make, and the actions they take. Also, in each class, students will be asked to develop a plan of action and to outline the steps needed to implement their plans. Recognizing that entrepreneurs must have an enterprise-wide perspective, the course will expose students to situations common to managers in larger organizations who have to contend with the constraints and limited resources of entrepreneurial businesses. When deciding how to take action, students are expected to use the multidisciplinary management tools and tried and true management philosophies they have internalized in their MBA education. Similar to GBUS 8400 General Managers Taking Action, this course requires students to capitalize on their entire Darden experience and polish their enterprise perspective.


Academic course objectives:


·            Increase students’ awareness of the challenges of starting a new venture and enhance their ability to anticipate and respond to these challenges

·            Test the ideas and action plans of students against the knowledge and experience of seasoned entrepreneurs

·            Enhance the ability of students to take action rather than merely analyze and study


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution                   50%

Final examination                    50%