This course is designed to help students explore the battery of perspectives and skills on which great global leaders rely and provides an opportunity for them to begin a personal transition toward the mastery of global leadership capabilities. It begins with examining the often subtle perspectives, attitudes, and habits of thinking that foster global leadership competence as well as those that prevent leaders from being effective in global business environments. Students will mine the lessons learned—both conscious and unconscious—about how to operate in their home cultures and the biases that emerge from those lessons. The course will also provide an opportunity for students to practice core global leadership skills in collaboration with their classmates and instructors. Finally, the course will help students create their own development plan to take them from novice global leader to a master global leader. Using current research as well as narratives of practicing global leaders, students will explore the transition from thinking they know how to lead globally to actually leading globally. One important learning vehicle in this course is students’ written reflections on class exercises and conversations and on evaluations of their own interpersonal effectiveness as well as a written personal global leadership development plan that discusses the challenges they currently face in their leadership development and proposes a set of learning goals for meeting those challenges.


Academic course objectives:


·         Accomplish the personal transition toward the mastery of global leadership capabilities

·         Practice core global leadership skills

·         Develop a personal global leadership development plan


Elements of the course grade:


Class participation                   20%

Learning journal                      40%

Developmental plan                40%


Note: Laptop computers will not be used in this class and cannot be set up in the classroom.