This course explores the challenges of leading those with whom we do not have direct contact and is a companion course to GBUS 8703 Tactical Leadership. The course will help students develop the skill sets involved in finding purpose, visioning, scenario planning, competing, building human capital, social capital, and organizational capital, designing effective organizational architectures, mass communication, placing their organization in a global society, and leading large-scale organizational change efforts. These skills are necessary for those in senior management charged with setting the agenda for an organization and ensuring a company’s positioning in the global economy. Course modules on organizational purpose, visioning, strategy, and leading large-scale organizational change will help students develop the ability to set a strategic agenda for a large organization. The course assumes familiarity with and will build upon the concepts introduced in the FY Strategy and Leading Organizations courses. Principle modes of instruction will be cases, readings, latest trade books, exercises, films, role playing, skill-building exercises, discussion, and short writing assignments. The main deliverable is a paper presenting a complete organizational charter (mission, vision, values, strategy, and short-term operating goals) for a large existing company of choice.


Academic course objectives:


·         Teach students the skills sets to place their organizations in a global society and lead large-scale organizational change

·         Provide students with the skills necessary for setting agendas for their organizations to ensure their positioning in the global economy

·         Build upon the concepts introduced in the FY Strategy and FY Leading Organizations courses


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution                   50%

Final paper                              50%