GBUS 8496: Data Science in Business

Data science is a rapidly growing discipline in business. This discipline is at the core of many new disruptive, data-intensive business models. In this course, students will gain exposure to and practice with the concepts and tools used by managers to leverage data at scale and create value. The concepts and tools covered include data visualization, machine learning, cloud computing, database querying, and, natural language processing. Through materials designed for the novice, students will be introduced to coding in Python and learn to develop cutting-edge predictive models from large datasets. Teams will often compete to develop the most accurate forecasts for a particular application. Students will also learn advanced data visualization in Tableau.

Academic Course Objectives:

·        Examine the concepts and tools used by data scientists.

·        Develop familiarity with Python and apply state-of-the-art machine-learning algorithms to advanced regression, classification, and natural language processing.

·        Develop advanced data visualization skills, as wells as skills in telling meaningful and compelling stories with data.

Elements of the Course Grade:

Class contribution                               40%

Exercises                                             20%

Individual paper/project                      40%