GBUS 8500A†† Special Topics Seminar:Entrepreneurís Guide to Business Structures and Capital Formation


Quarter 3, 2018


Andrew N. Vollmer, Professor of Law, General Faculty, and Director of the John W. Glynn, Jr. Law & Business Program, University of Virginia School of Law


The purpose of this course is to familiarize business students with two important topics they are likely to encounter during their careers.The first part of the course will explain the main features of the leading forms of business organizations, such as partnerships, LLCs, and for-profit corporations.Entrepreneurs make choices about the form for their business.We will discuss the differences among the forms and their advantages and disadvantages for accomplishing business objectives.


The second part of the course will examine the sale of securities to raise capital.At some point in their careers, entrepreneurs and business executives will need to raise capital.A common method of obtaining capital is by selling securities, and, although it is common, a company selling securities must navigate ďa regulatory jungleĒ of arcane legal restrictions and rules.The second half of the course will examine the basic considerations a business person should know about different methods of selling securities and the circumstances in which each one is appropriate.We will also cover the obligations of a publicly reporting company and the restrictions on insider trading.

Academic Course Objectives

Ÿ†† give students sufficient background and detail on business forms and securities sales to allow them to make smart decisions for and add value to their businesses.

Ÿ††††††††† make students savvy and informed consumers of legal services.

Ÿ††††††††† improve a studentís ability to distill critical business objectives and communicate them in simple, effective ways.


Elements of the Course Grade: