GBUS 8500MM Applied Security Analysis is offered in collaboration with the Richard A. Mayo Center for Asset Management.


This course seeks to improve the investment decision process through the application of investment frameworks and fundamental analysis. Classes will typically feature “live cases” for which students use real-time data and public filings to make investment decisions. Class discussions will often be co-moderated by guest practitioners who oversee capital allocation decisions for hedge funds, private equity partnerships, or corporations.


The course is broadly divided into two modules: The first module introduces mental models and investment frameworks that facilitate fundamental equity and credit analysis. The second module features a series of case studies on a specific investment framework for “Compounders”– businesses defined broadly as those that can grow intrinsic value per share at an attractive rate for long periods of time. Students will practice fundamental security analysis and study sources of sustainable value creation. Throughout the course, we will also discuss the use of “Deliberate Practice” as a means to improve capabilities as investment managers.


This course is ideal for students seeking to gain practical experience for future careers in investment management or financial services. It should also provide value to general managers who expect to participate in the capital allocation process.


Please note that in order to allow sufficient time for preparation between classes, the course meets once every 1-2 weeks during Q1 and Q2 (Monday afternoons 4:30—6:30pm).


Academic Course Objectives:

Elements of the Course Grade