Special Topic Seminar:† Venture Velocity; Fall 2017, Damon S. DeVito

Overview: This is a class about achieving milestones based on sound fundamentals of entrepreneurship. We will customize milestones and the tools needed to reach them for your ventures. Students in this class will be doing things to build their business. Our mission here is to work together to fight through the start-up jungle, navigating around trouble where possible, and fighting through it when foresight fails so you gain applied mastery over skills that will drive your future success as a founder or investor in other ventures regardless how this one fares. If you are putting in the time and effort I will be generous with my time to support your venture and your grade. You can easily find my bio CrunchBase or LinkedIn. Syllabus available by request or day #1.

Mentors:† No guest speakers. It is not a lecture class either, though Iíll often spend part of class talking with you. Guest mentors will commonly join us to give you feedback. These will largely include founders and investors. Socializing after class is encouraged.

Class Schedule:Classes meet weekly at Monday 430-615p in the iLab Classroom. Depending on the number of ventures class time may be expanded to 630p. Those with classes immediately following are encouraged to communicate with me. 2nd years can take this class in the fall OR spring. 1st years are not eligible to take this class for credit. I reserve the right to let people sit in who are not there for credit, but credit students receive priority. We will have guest mentors on a regular basis. Iím generally available Monday afternoons in the iLab for coaching and there will be a biz dev/outreach time block midweek that will vary in time. Participation in that is strongly encouraged for at least an hour, and for some ventures it may be required.†

Application Process: This is an application based class open to venture teams with preference to those with at least one Darden 2nd year on them and in the class. Other UVA students who are part of those teams may take the class for credit provided their dept. approves. We are targeting 6-8 venture teams, but the number could vary depending on applicants. Team of 2-3 founders are preferred, but individuals may apply. Please submit your CV, a summary of your venture or idea including origin story and the problem it solves, and a brief description of the founder team including who does what and how you know one another. Optional items if available: link to your venture website and pitch deck. Donít worry if you arenít far enough along to have the optional itemsÖyouíll be in good company.

1.     Email application materials described above by 9pm Sunday 8/20/17.

2.     Applications will be reviewed as they are received.

3.     Phone or in person interviews for final applicants on 8/21/17.

4.     Final decisions on acceptance by 11pm on 8/22.

Questions:†††† Text or email Damon S. DeVito at (434) 906-4440, devitod@darden.virginia.edu.†††