8535 Growth and Business in Emerging Markets

Growth and Business in Emerging Markets (GBEM) explores the relationship between institutions, economic growth and business environments in fast growing economies.  The course adopts the view that market development and institutional reform are the fundamental forces driving long-run growth and near-term change in the global business environment.  Governments throughout the world seek to better living standards through changes in policies and laws and through the commercial, social and political institutions that govern business.  In turn, these institutions are central to leadership decisions regarding investment choices and of managerial practices. GBEM provides a global view to students who want to work in substantially global industries and management positions or where they will be responsible for leading firms and especially the evaluation of investment opportunities across a diverse set of countries.

Academic Course Objectives

·        Understand the unique features of economic and political institutions in emerging markets.                                       

·        Provide students with tools of economics to gain insights on the sources of economic growth, policy distortions, nature of economic reforms, and market development.                                                                                                               

·        Analyze the success and failure of foreign businesses and explore opportunities and risks in key markets.                                                                                                                                                                                       

·        Acquire skills and expertise to engage in debates on trade and foreign direct investments in the global context.

Elements of the Course Grade

·        Class Participation                                35%                                                                                              

·        Individual and Group Assignments        65%