This course is designed primarily for students seeking a marketing career in organizations that market products and services to other organizations. While the course is aimed at those interested in business-to-business marketing, it is also appropriate for those seeking careers in consulting, manufacturing, and nonmarketing functional areas of business-to-business firms. The course emphasizes the tactical aspects of business marketing as well as conceptual and strategic elements of the marketing-planning process. The course begins by examining how to organize the marketing function and then moves to the topics of buyer-seller relationships, sales force management, complexities and problems inherent in forging longer term partnerships, and developing and managing complex distribution systems along with some exposure to product development and launch. Cases have been chosen from a variety of settings, ranging from high tech to “metal bending” and from the emerging to the more mature businesses. As opportunities arise, the course will incorporate a “live” case. Working with a company to address critical marketing problems, student teams will be assigned to work on these problems. These projects comprise the final project for the course and take the class work from the written-case analysis to the real-time case analysis. Topics for study are chosen based on the importance to the firm and on the relevance of the topic to the content of the course.


Academic course objectives:


·         Understand the complex nature of business-to-business marketing

·         Understand the links between the business-to-business marketing plan and the business plan and the importance of flawless execution

·         Develop and implement strategies that integrate cross-functional and cross-firm capabilities and expertise to bring value to the marketplace

·         Mirror the world of the business-to-business CMO to show the range of issues faced and the types of tools and techniques needed to solve complex problems for customers


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution       50%

Group paper/project    50%