GBUS 8619 Leading Teams


This course examines how interpersonal processes, organizational contexts, and structural characteristics of teams influence their performance and productivity. The goal of the course is to provide students with a knowledge base and understanding of the mechanisms that set teams up for success, as well as the chance to practice designing, participating, and leading collaborative work. The class meets once a week for three hours. Class sessions consist of experiential learning exercises, simulations, cases, and observation experiences. Students will also interact with the first-year learning teams at two critical inflection points in the first year to help design, monitor, and analyze their evolving effectiveness.


Academic Course Objectives:


·         Develop students’ understanding of what differentiates a successful from an unsuccessful team.

·         Examine when organizations should/should not use teams, the costs/benefits of different team designs, and how to reward/incentivize teams.

·         Students will learn how to apply their personal strengths as leaders to multiple types of team management challenges.


Elements of the Course Grade:


Class contribution                               40%

Final examination:                               20%

Individual paper/project                      15%

Group paper/project                            25%