This course targets those students who intend to work in consumer marketing, advertising, consulting, or retailing. There are four modules in the course: Marketing Mix and Budgeting Decisions, Branding, Price Strategy and Tactics, and Product Line Policy. This 15-session course focuses on the use of marketing discipline to create and capture value and emphasizes the need for accountability in the marketing function. The course also adds to the analytical and conceptual frameworks introduced in the first-year Marketing courses. Instructional methods include cases, reading, lectures, guest speakers, simulations, and on-line exercises.


Academic course objectives:


         Demonstrate to students the marketing discipline needed to create and capture value

         Prepare students to use for accountability in the marketing function

         Explore the skills and knowledge students need to perform successfully as an executive involved in designing and directing marketing strategies


Elements of the course grade:


Class participation       35%

On-line exercises         15%

Simulation                   15%

Final examination        35%


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Consumer Marketing