This course is designed to provide students with a practical understanding of the merger and acquisition marketplace, addressing such topics as why companies grow through acquisitions, how acquisition or merger candidates are analyzed strategically and valued financially, and ultimately, whether and how mergers and acquisitions create value for stakeholders. Takeovers and mergers are a daily fact of life, have evolved into a critical part of every CEO or manager’s strategic toolbox, and will most likely affect every person who enters the corporate world at some point in their career. Whether a student chooses to be a senior corporate manager, an M&A practitioner, or merely an informed armchair observer, the course is intended to provide the analytical framework to evaluate an acquisition from a strategic, financial, structural, tactical, legal, and ethical perspective. Students will apply learned content to real business situations, including the opportunity to develop, create, and present an acquisition proposal to an actual corporate client during the class.


Academic course objectives:


·         Examine the role that M&A plays in the contemporary corporate world, and its use as a strategic tool to provide revenue growth, enhance competitive position, transform a company or industry, and create economic value

·         Use the language and processes of M&A to develop a framework for analyzing transactions including understanding strategic rationale, valuation methodologies, deal structures, bidding strategies, and the need for a value proposition

·         Develop a concept, structure a deal, and present an actionable proposal for an M&A transaction to an actual corporation as part of a group project

·         Show how M&A can be used successfully as well as its pitfalls, dangers, and risks


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution       40%

Final examination        25%

Group paper/project    35%