This course is designed to expose students to advanced quantitative techniques in marketing research. The course deals with how marketers can extract useful information from marketing data for designing marketing strategies. The emphasis in the course is on advanced data analysis relevant for marketing decisions. Topics will include techniques relevant for new product pretests, product line pricing, demand forecasting, market and customer segmentation, allocating resources for advertising and promotion, customer valuation, and evaluating marketing campaign performance. Course content will feature a combination of cases, exercises, lectures, and a group project. The course will use a very hands-on approach and a majority of the topics covered in this course will have direct applicability to those students concentrating in marketing in their future jobs. Students are advised to take the Marketing Intelligence course prior to this course.


Academic course objectives:


·         Explore what data analysis techniques are appropriate for a certain marketing problem and how the information from data analysis helps make decisions

·         Show the capabilities and limitations of the analysis techniques and what factors determine the value of the information obtained from the data analysis

·         Teach students how to use statistical analysis software such as Crystal Ball for performing advanced data analysis

·         Explore how the classic analysis techniques are relevant to understanding the latest issues in marketing and how advances in marketing analytics have shaped marketing strategy


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution                   35%

Final exam or project              35%

Written exercises                     30%