While every year technology improvements make it cheaper and easier to build more powerful software, creating winning products and offerings is tougher than ever. By one measure, 64% of features are rarely or never used, 50-70% of IT projects fail, and 90% of new products are flop.

Thatís a lot of waste, expense, and missed opportunity.

Thatís a lot of waste, expense, and missed opportunity.

Products usually fail because they:

  1. Solve a problem, do a job, or gratify a desire that few people find important
  2. Fail to deliver a proposition thatís better enough than the existing alternatives
  3. Have a weak execution and poor usability

In this course, weíre going to focus on #3 above. Particularly if youíre starting as a product manager or team lead for an existing product, this is a lot of what your day to day will require.

By the end of this course, will be able to:

  1. Facilitate the evolution of general ideas into testable, user-centric narrative
  2. Create development-friendly inputs with user stories and prototypes
  3. Systematically test the above
  4. Instrument observation and testability into your digital deliveries
  5. Go from idea to code with static prototypes in HTML & CSS

Specific Grade Components:

∑        Attendance, Participation, & Peer Reviews 30%
∑        Completion of Individual Assignments 30%
∑        Venture Design- Team Project 40%
The final deliverable is a group project which integrates the skills above through work on a team project.