GBUS 8633: Software Development


For the Darden student who wants to increase their creative confidence on software related projects, Software Development is an experiential SY elective that delivers hands-on coding experience for the non-engineer. Unlike online only options like codeacademy, SID offers a Darden compatible format with the hands-on assistance that students need to acquire the necessary skills in a single quarter.


Over the course of 7 weeks, students will learn how to:

         frame design inputs for the software development process

         set up a software development environment

         deploy code to both the code repository Github and the web applications platform Heroku

         create a working web application using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Ruby (some of the webs most ubiquitous development tools)


As software/digital continues to encapsulate virtually everything we do, this course will be useful for students that will be entrepreneurs developing a software based business, product managers working on software related projects, and general managers using enterprise software.


The target student has taken GBUS 8632 to master the most important part of any software creation project: determining the relevance, value, and accessibility of a software enabled user experience. Students will develop software against team projects which supply key development inputs: validated narratives, agile user stories, comps, wireframes and validation of initial UI concepts.


While GBUS 8632 (Software Design) is not a strict prerequisite for the class, it is highly recommended. Students not taking GBUS 8632 will have access to design outputs from that class to anchor the significance of their development work.


Course Requirements:


Interim deliverables will be required for each of the milestones listed above.


The final deliverable for the course will require students to submit their working deliverable to a peer for user testing.


The course grade will be based determined as follows:

         Project milestones (70%)

         Final Project Deliverable (30%)