GBUS 8636 Digital Product Management

This course will introduce you to the modern practice of product management in digital. You’ll learn how product managers create product/market fit for new products and enhance it for existing products. You’ll also learn how generalist product managers establish successful interfaces with key functions like design, development/engineering, data science, sales/marketing and support/operations.

This course will help students understand best current practices in the area and how to apply the in their role as product manager. Special attention will be paid to lessons learned in Silicon Valley and other innovation centers.

Please Note: This class is organized around developing a managerial perspective. For a hands-on compliment to developing successful products, please see also ‘Software Design’.

By the end of this course, students will understand how to: 
- Create actionable focus to successfully manage a product’s fit with the market
- Explore disruptive new product concepts through discovery and rapid concept iteration
- Manage hypothesis-driven feature testing to amplify the success of an existing product
- Collaborate with a product team on design and development via agile
- Collaborate with sales and marketing teams to scale product/market fit
- Collaborate with support and consulting teams to optimize the customer journey
- Engage with project managers to support your projects
Specific Grade Components:

·        Attendance, Participation, & Peer Reviews 50%
·        Completion of Individual Assignments 30%
·        Team Project 20%