8638 Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

Advances In artificial intelligence have proceeded rapidly in recent years and have reached an inflection point that will have profound implications for the future of work as well as the future of humanity. How does rapid progress in artificial intelligence and automation affect businesses, employment relationships, and our economy? And what can you personally do to remain competitive in a labor market in which an increasing number of jobs is displaced by artificial intelligence? This course analyzes the implications in the medium-run and studies how the different sectors of the economy will be impacted by AI. It will provide you with guidance on how to acquire skills that will likely remain relevant over the coming two decades. Furthermore, the course covers the long-run implications of artificialintelligence rivaling human intelligence.

Academic Course Objectives

        assess the implications of the rise of Al for your career

        evaluate how different jobs and sectors of the economy will be affected by Al

        apply the lessons to your future workplace

        devise a plan for how to effectively manage your career in the age of Al