This course introduces students to methods for recognizing values-based leadership and clarifying their own personal leadership model for influencing the values of others. Through a series of exercises, discussions, self-assessment tools, films, and some case studies, students will be asked to reflect on what they have learned about leadership thus far in life and then to deepen and enrich that knowledge. Topics addressed will include the leader as values clarifier, values champion, storyteller, change agent, imaginer, coach, clarifier of VABEs (memes), motivator, designer, and servant. Students will also explore the language of leadership and how to develop a personal leadership charter. The course is designed to promote self-confidence, skills for influencing others, and a set of flexible concepts that will serve students throughout their lives. This course satisfies the leadership requirement for graduation. The final project consists of a self-contained PowerPoint PPS file that students may review five years after graduation in order to track their leadership progress.


Academic course objectives:


·         Provide leadership tools and skills students can use the rest of their lives

·         Help students to clarify their own leadership assumptions and values

·         Explore the techniques and consequences of values-based leadership (Level Three)

·         Help students develop the capacity to engage in authentic, confident, assertive leadership behaviors that invite deeply engaged and long-term voluntary contributions from others


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution       50%

Final paper/project      50%


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