This course integrates diversity and leadership themes while simultaneously broadening the literary exposure of students. While condensed readings from the classics of literature are used, the selection of excerpts has culturally diverse protagonists such as Mahatma Gandhi and Virginia Woolf, who confronted leadership challenges much like those encountered today. These writings continue to influence our thinking and assumptions about how to manage people. The readings are from the Hartwick Classic Leadership casebank and range from 14 to 40 pages in length.


Academic course objectives:


·         Challenge students to see the power of stories and the understanding of stories

·         Challenge students to recognize that they can see the world through stories and realize the significance of stories to understand themselves and others

·         Use great stories to help students understand the issues of leadership and diversity

·         Challenge students to read classic stories they would not normally read in business school


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution                               50%

Personal Hartwick type of story         50%