This course will focus on the major psychological issues that underlie and contribute to the effective and, at times, ineffective performance of people in managerial roles. It begins with the development of a model of personality. The initial development model is necessary for setting the stage for the remaining sessions of the course that build on and add to this framework. During the course, topics such as gender, race, meanings, habits of excellence, relationships, creativity, and life-long growth will be examined. Students also will consider those issues that, although not visible at first glance, prove to be at the heart of why things are the way they are and not what they initially seem. Interactive conversations around reading materials provide much of the activity of this course.


Academic course objectives:


·         Provide insight into psychological issues that influence managerial and leadership success

·         Challenge students to think in different ways about relevant managerial topics.

·         Provide an opportunity for relevant literacy with regard to contemporary managerial issues

·         Create an experience that can lead to personal insights


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution:                  50%

Individual written project       50%