This course explores the major issues and managerial concepts relating to strategic management of the operations function in today’s global economy. The course targets prospective general managers. It is organized into three main topical groups, including an introduction to operations strategy concepts, an examination of operations strategy process tools, and the discussion of specific management decision areas within the operations strategy framework. Competitive cost analysis is emphasized and issues related to e-business operations strategy are included in the discussion of the topical issues. Business cases studied include a mix from both the manufacturing and service industries. Classes may feature visiting company executives, and there is a strong global emphasis throughout the course.


Academic course objectives:


·         Introduce a conceptual framework for defining an operations strategy in any business organization

·         Apply the conceptual framework in evaluating an operations strategy

·         Use competitive cost analysis techniques in evaluating competitors’ operations

·         Survey the role of technology management in operations strategy


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution       40%

Final examination        35%

Case write-up              25%