The pace of Internet business evolution has proven to be as rapid during the extinction phase as it was in the evolutionary phase for new companies and their business models. The course will examine the business models and strategies of both pure-play survivors and established firms to understand the keys to successfully exploiting the Internet and related technologies. This seminar is being offered to students interested in actively participating in research and discussion about successfully leveraging the Internet for business needs. The class is limited to 24 students who will be organized into six groups for research presentations. This seminar will be offered from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on seven Tuesday afternoons with project group assignments distributed at the first session.


Academic course objectives:


·         Examine Internet business models and strategies

·         Explore the successful use of Internet technologies for business


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution                   40%

Exam                                       20%

Group paper/project                40%


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