This course will review, reinforce, and extend the basic concepts covered in the required Decision Analysis course (GBUS 735), including spreadsheet construction, simulation, regression, decision trees, and competitive analysis. The two primary objectives of the course are to improve students’ basic analytical skills and to strengthen their ability to integrate quantitative analysis into their general decision-making process. Enrollment in this course is restricted to students who have not taken Management Decision Models (GBUS 890) or Data Analysis and Optimization (GBUS 760). After taking this course, students may take GBUS 890 or GBUS 760 or both.


Academic course objectives:


·         Deepen students’ understanding of the basic tools, concepts, and methodologies of quantitative business analysis

·         Enhance students’ skill at using the basic tools of quantitative business analysis

·         Teach students to recognize situations for which the various analytical skills covered in the course are appropriate and potentially helpful

·         Help students integrate the results of quantitative analysis into their personal decision-making processes


Elements of the course grade:


Class contribution                   50%

Final examination                    50%