For 3.0 credit hours (120 working hours) Fall

For 3.0 credit hours (120 working hours) Spring

For 1.5 credit hours (60 working hours) Q1, Q2, Q3, or Q4


This course is intended to provide students with an opportunity to work closely with a faculty adviser to produce a case study of a real business situation. Students may already have a case setting in mind or may call upon their faculty supervisor for an introduction to the setting for a case. After the identification of a cooperating business or not-for-profit organization, students conduct field interviews with executives of the subject organization to understand the issues to be addressed in the case study. Students then prepare a draft of the case giving special attention to identifying the principal issue or issues to be included and submit the draft to the sponsoring organization, which certifies the accuracy of the facts in the case. Students are encouraged to prepare case studies that require significant decisions as they are more effective classroom instruments and challenge students to define carefully the prevalent issues, consider all possible alternative actions, and then recommend a plan of action for the company’s management. After receiving approval of the cases facts from the sponsoring organization, students will prepare an analysis of the case, carefully noting the issues, alternatives, and a recommended plan of action.

Academic course objectives:

· Provide an opportunity for students to describe a specific business problem clearly, succinctly, and in a manner that fosters reflection, discussion, and learning

· Challenge students to analyze and resolve an unstructured managerial problem and offer them an opportunity to work closely with a faculty member

· Produce a case study of quality and focus suitable for inclusion in the MBA curriculum, together with a written analysis and recommended plan of action based exclusively on the information in the case

Elements of the course grade:

Individual paper 100%