GBUS 8406  Advanced Topics in Business Ethics (1.5 credit hours)

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to continue to explore issues in business ethics raised in the first year course.  We conceive of this course changing from year to year as particular topics become of interest to faculty and students.  The course will consist of readings, cases, and books that are relevant to the topic at hand.  Example topics include "Business Science and Ethics," "Background Theories of Business Ethics" which would explore the underlying philosophical theories behind much of the first year course, and "Topics in Ethics and Accounting and Finance" exploring issues around corporate governance.  The purpose of such a generic offering is to be able to respond quickly to student interest.

Grading Method

Class Discussion is 50%.

Final Paper/Project is 50%.

Relationship to Other Darden Electives

This course explores the theoretical ideas that underpin the first year, and it explores these ideas in new contexts for at least some of the offerings.  There is no overlap with Leadership, Values and Ethics, or with Business Ethics through Literature

Example Syllabi available upon request

Area Approval

The course has the approval of the SEE area and will be listed in that area.