GBUS 8417--Conversations and Debates on Globalization


Instructors: Darden Faculty


General Description: The main goal of this course is to expose students to diverse issues related to globalization that will affect future business leaders. These issues are not part of the regular curriculum, and are still “debated”. Using a variety of different methods, the course will have the format of an informal seminar where students and faculty are expected to engage in a dialog regarding globalization and ask questions without always having an answer.  Thus, this course will enhance students’ ability to think and converse globally and to contemplate issues that will become central to a manager’s life in the years ahead.  


Main Themes: a) Globalization and anti-globalization arguments;

b) Human impact on the global environment and the implication for strategy and product design; c) The makings of a global leader; d) Leveraging global differences to create organizational advantage; e) global financial markets and the impact of law and culture.


Grading:  50% class participation (level of engagement)

                 50% presentation and reflection paper